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Changing the Game: How being a tour guide will look different tomorrow

Posted by Nick Goudreau on Nov 28, 2018 2:40:58 PM
Nick Goudreau
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People around the world are constantly faced with this decision: Do I chase my passion? Or chase the money. Does working a lower paying job you truly love outweigh making a little more cash? Can money really buy happiness?

Passion jobs keep our world moving. If it wasn't for our teachers, how would the world continue to grow and flourish? If it wasn't for our public service workers, who would keep everyone safe? If it wasn't for tour guides, how would we learn about our planet’s incredible, diverse cultures and history?

Choosing a career as a tour guide is the ultimate passion job. Sure, the pay is relatively low, but in exchange, you get to experience the world for a living.  You wake up every morning with the opportunity to share the place you love with those who’ve never been there. You gift people with memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately—like many passion jobs—the downside is that the pay is typically lower. Often the only way to expand your business is on the backs of other companies.

If you’ve been working as a guide, chances are you’re hustling day in and day out for some big company that soaks up most of your hard-earned money. With brands like Intrepid, G Adventures, Contiki, Topdeck, etc., most tour guides work long hours with little return. In fact, despite tour guides doing most of the hard labor, the companies are usually keeping 40-60% of the price of each trip to pad their margins while the tour guides are taking home less and less.

Many tour guides are fed up and chose to start their own businesses. Perhaps you’re one of these guides who’s seen the light and now run trips without the big companies by advertising yourself on a platform like Tripadvisor, Viator, Tours by Locals, Airbnb Experiences, TourHQ, etc.. Even though these are all great options, you’re limited to single day tours.


Let’s Talk Multi-day Tours

Multi-day guided tours are growing faster than ever. In fact, Tourradar believes it’s a $55 billion market. As an experienced tour guide, isn’t it about time you got a piece of that pie? Travelers are seeking opportunities for multi-day guided travel because it provides a convenience that single day trips do not. In addition to the convenience, multi-day tours allow travelers to dig deeper into the sights, cultures, and experiences more than they ever could on a single day trip.

Not only are multi-day tours better for travelers, they’re also better for tour guides. Just think of the effort that goes into securing one single day tour. Booking requires meeting a potential prospect, discussing the option availability, ironing out the details, and finally confirming the trip. Great! You’ve locked up just 3 hours of work...

Or how about this alternative? Do the exact same work and instead secure 7-10 days of work!

In addition to the ease of booking tours, we believe the true benefit lies in the relationships built during multi-day tours. Today, customer service is Priority One for brands. This makes the ability to build your brand through relationships with travelers (aka your clients)imperative. The longer you spend with people, the more likely you are to build that relationship and grow your brand. The more you grow your brand, the more people want to join future tours and recommend you to others.


What’s Actually Changing?

Right now, we’re seeing a major shift in the economy of disintermediation, or cutting out the middleman. Think about companies like eBay, Uber, Airbnb, Shipt, Instacart, etc. who are changing the way we purchase things. They’ve built their entire businesses off giving people with certain skills or possessions the ability to use their skills or sell their products directly to the consumer. Why should travel be any different?

Tour guides have irreplaceable skills too. Around the world, tour guides have trained for and built resources to expertly plan, coordinate, and lead travelers through some of the planet’s most beautiful destinations. The current layout of guided tours involves multiple layers: Travelers buy from a travel agent. Agents buy from a large travel provider. The Provider outsources the work to an inbound and outbound company. Finally, the individual guides are hired.

What if we could create a platform for guides to sell directly to the travelers?

That’s exactly what Group Bookd is doing. We’ve built a platform for tour guides to utilize their planning and leading skills to create the trip of a lifetime for travelers. Sure. There are a few extra responsibilities when you’re planning a multi-day adventure like lodging, food, activities, etc. But when you consider the rewards like independence, flexibility, and extra money, it’s worth the extra work!

In general, we believe that tour guides will be able to generate an additional 50-80% of income by leading multi-day tours through the Group Bookd platform.

Let’s stop scratching the surface with single day tours. It’s time to finally show off the real value behind the world’s best tour guides by providing the most incredible multi-day tours possible.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our trusted guides selling their trips through the Group Bookd platform, click the link below, fill out the form, and someone from our team will get back with you within 24 hours.

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