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Take It Easy: Wellness Group Tours to Relax and Rejuvenate

Posted by Nick Goudreau on Oct 10, 2018 11:03:51 AM
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Some travelers are all about that work hard, play hard mentality. But for the rest of us, our time off means unplugging and taking life down a notch, or thirty. That doesn’t mean we want to spend vacation on the couch binging Netflix while the pizza boxes pile up—though no judgements if that’s your thing.

Instead, book an incredible Group Bookd guided wellness tour and experience a one-in-a-lifetime journey while also letting your soul fully recharge. All of our wellness tours are categorized as easy, intermediate, or activity level 1–3 and offer mind-refreshing activities integrating wellness, self-care, and adventure.

If you've done your first round of researching by reviewing the Group Bookd Ultimate Guide to Guided Tours and you're ready to decompress on one of our relaxed group trips, let’s find out more about wellness group tours and discover if it’s right for you.

Why Choose a Wellness Group Trip?

Does your spirit need a recharge while surrounding yourself with new scenery and likeminded travelers? Intrigued by the idea of an expert planning out your trip so you can simply enjoy the journey? Then a wellness group tour might be the perfect choice!

Our group tours are all led and curated by certified travel professionals. They not only understand the true meaning of treating yourself, but also intimately know the culture and region you’ll be a guest within. Expect nothing less than delicious meals, expert instructors, top-notch accommodations, etc., alongside unparalleled knowledge and insight into the local area.

These trips are all about personal rejuvenation, and what’s less rejuvenating than painstakingly planning a complex journey from thousands of miles away? The thought of figuring out logistics alone is enough to make people quit before they even begin.

Don’t allow dread to stop you from taking that journey. Let us do the work! After all, you deserve a life-changing retreat focused on—well—you. Just imagine the feeling of stepping off that plane and being immediately greeted by your guide. Without a worry in the world, get whisked off to your hotel, your relaxation, and a group of new lifelong friends.

Is a Wellness Group Trip Right for Me?

If you’re looking for non-stop thrilling adventures like trekking the world’s tallest mountains, rafting down class six rapids, or pushing your body to its physical limits, a wellness group tour probably isn’t for you. That’s more inline with our advanced or extreme group tours.

Instead, though they’ll certainly stimulate you mentally and spiritually, wellness trips focus more on therapeutic health and mindfulness rather than exertion. Every trip is a little different, but mostly expect more low-key or self-paced activities like desert walks, yoga and meditation, or happy hour al fresco.

Some trips can be more strenuous than others so do explore each itinerary, but inner restoration is always at the core of a wellness trip. Our masterfully-planned getaways encompass every part of strengthening your soul, mind, and body. From hikes through Balinese rice paddies to eating gourmet Mexican cuisine in Baja, embrace every aspect of rejuvenation.

Popular Wellness Group Trips

Curious about what kinds of wellness group trips we offer? Here are a few of our most popular options, along with a short description. Check out all of our wellness group tours here.

Sonoran Desert Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Surround yourself with the dazzling landscapes near Sedona, Arizona. Hike through red rock country and soak up incredible views of the Sonoran Desert. Refresh your soul with kundalini breathing, clean eating, slow flow yoga, and a spa day.

Laos & Cambodian Wellness Journey

Dive into Southeast Asia’s spiritual and cultural center. Connect with locals by joining in on traditional ceremonies and tasting their cuisine. Explore ancient ruins, small villages, and gorgeous landscapes. And of course, practice yoga and meditation in truly breathtaking locations.

Dolomites Hiking & Yoga Journey

One of the more rigorous wellness journeys, refresh your mind in the shadow of the beautiful Italian Alps. Start every morning with yoga before hiking alongside alpine lakes, wandering tiny mountain towns, and taking in panoramic views before relaxing in 4-star accomodations.

Ready to experience an incredible, inspiring wellness guided tour for yourself? Trust Group Bookd to match you with the amazing journey your dreams. Whether you’re looking to escape for a long weekend or for as long as possible, isn’t it time to give yourself the gift of self-love?

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