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Adrenaline Junkies: How to Pick your Extreme Vacation

Posted by Nick Goudreau on Nov 12, 2018 11:35:43 AM
Nick Goudreau
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Whether your high of choice is conquering the world’s tallest peaks, plummeting out of a plane far from home, or traveling the world in search of the next rush, you’re an extreme trip junkie. Let’s face it. Sitting poolside while reading US Weekly just isn’t your style, and increasingly—you’re far from alone.

According to a survey released by the Travel Leaders Group, 86% of travel agents have experienced an uptick in adventure travel interest and sales. Findings also found that men and women are nearly equally interested in extreme trips with far majority of travelers seek trips that are longer than a week.

Are you a traveler that loves to explore the world and push yourself to the limit? Then these trips are for you! Though many methods to book extreme vacations exist, here are the smartest—and safest—ways to take the adrenaline-packed trip of your dreams.


What is an Extreme Trip?

First off, what exactly is an extreme trip or adventure? Though different definitions are out there, if choosing a guided trip or group tour, extreme participants should expect their journey to primarily revolve around a high-intensity itinerary. Though trips sometimes cater to extreme sporting novices, others require previous training or advanced certifications.

A few popular extreme trips currently offered by our group travel partner MT Sobek include:

Rafting the Sezar River in Iran

Join the first ever commercial rafting trip on the Sezar. Float through the beautiful Zargos Mountains, while taking on advanced Class IV and V rapids. Explore not only the Iranian wilderness but also the region’s cultural centers including Shiraz and UNESCO-heritage site Persepolis.

50th Anniversary Everest Basecamp Trek

No summit on Earth compares to Everest. Spend 20 days in Nepal as you trek up to 17,500 feet and take in the Mountain’s majesty. Along the way, explore this legendary landscape through Tibetian monasteries, sherpa camps, and absolutely stunning scenery.

Alaska By Water, Land & Air

From high-speed boats through Glacier Bay National Park to a thrilling helicopter ride into the Juneau Icefield, enjoy this wild ride while soaking in everything Alaska has to offer. An outdoor lover’s paradise, every day provides a new, unforgettable way to experience the Last Frontier.


Which Extreme Trip is Right for You?

Though any advanced level trip contains a certain level of intensity, not all involve non-stop, risk-taking adventures. If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of edgier vacations, or are traveling with others less enthused about daily 10-mile treks, book a trip that better balances extreme activities with the more relaxed.

Another possibility is to book your vacation somewhere with options for anyone’s taste like, for example, Costa Rica. Imagine waking up early to the sound of the surf, heading to Skydive Costa Rica, and jumping from 10,000 feet over the jungle below—all before the rest of your group finishes a seaside brunch.

And if you’re traveling solo, lucky you! With no need to compromise, nearly any adventure can become a reality. Rock climbing the Dolomites? Skiing across Japan? Easy peasy—until you get there of course. Use trusty ol’ Google to search for trips around the world. Or even better? Try our own tool at Group Bookd. We’ll compare hundreds of highly-rated adventures based on your personal criteria.

Especially when choosing an extreme trip, we do recommend checking out group tours. With complicated logistics taken care of, focus on nothing less than having the time of your life. Reputable guides offer optimal levels of safety, plus you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded, adventurous travelers.


Safety First

Choosing a trusted, certified company, agency or tour group is essential no matter the trip, but this is especially crucial when taking an extreme adventure. As the old saying goes, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. You’ll quickly regret saving a few bucks when the zipline’s held together with duct tape. Pinch those pennies on hostels or cheap beer—not high-risk activities.

When you’re researching an advanced or extreme vacation, always ask for licenses, certifications, trip guide experience, customer reviews, etc. If the company or outfitter hesitates for any reason, consider it a major red flag. We may love that rush of adrenaline pounding through our veins, but it should never be at the expense of safety.

Think an extreme trip is right for you? Discover your dream adventure with Group Bookd and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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