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What's an Advanced or Extreme Group Tour? Am I Ready?

Posted by Nick Goudreau on Oct 10, 2018 10:52:52 AM
Nick Goudreau
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Inside all of us lives a thirst for adventure. I mean, who wouldn’t feel like a total badass after trekking across the Andes or successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro? As awesome as these fantasies sound, even many seasoned travelers are fine with them staying just that. Fantasies. They’re perfectly content with taking their adventurous spirit to the—but not quite off of—the literal and figurative edge.

On the flip side though are countless adrenaline junkies determined to find out how far they can push their minds and bodies. Booking an advanced or extreme group trip offers unparalleled, professionally-run experiences never before imaginable. However, these trips aren’t for everyone.

If you've already read through our Ultimate Guide to Guided Tours and think you might have what it takes to conquer a life-long traveler’s dream? Let’s discover exactly what makes a group trip advanced or extreme—and if you’re truly ready to take on the challenge.

Advanced Group Tours vs. Easy or Intermediate Group Tours

Easy or intermediate group trips (sometimes also labeled as levels 1–3) typically need little or minimal previous experience or physical preparation before the trip begins. For some trips, prepping can be helpful, but group leaders will anticipate engaging in training or working with beginner- or intermediate-level travelers.

With advanced, extreme or level 4–5 group trips, expect intense, rigorous activities all day, every day. These aren’t adventures for the untrained or ill-prepared. Group leaders and fellow travelers will expect that all participants can generally keep up with each other and have undergone all necessary training prior to the trip. Some trips will require proof of training completion or certifications prior to registration.

This doesn’t mean guides will be hands-off though. They’ll be your partners, motivators, instructors, and leaders throughout the entire experience. All are professionally trained and fully certified to assist travelers whenever necessary from providing emergency first aid to advice on altitude acclimatization.

Popular Extreme Group Tours

Want an idea of some popular advanced or extreme tours currently offered through Group Bookd? Here are just a few examples of the possible adventures:

These are just a few of the advanced or extreme guided tours currently available. Whatever kind of activity, location, time frame, etc. you’re seeking, the perfect trip is out there.

Why Choose an Advanced or Extreme Guided Tour?

Most are seeking that incredible feeling of accomplishment and the achievement of what many find impossible. It’s a truly rare, incomparable sensation few even imagine.  

But beyond the emotional lie other reasons to choose a guided tour rather than attempt to plan an extreme adventure alone.


Even if you’re beyond experienced at climbing, kayaking, trekking, or whatever the trip’s focus may be, any strenuous trip comes with legitimate safety risks. Why not have a certified professional with you at all times? They’ll be there to ensure all best practices are followed, expertly spot for safety, and intimately know the terrain you’ll be treading.

Top Expertise

Our leaders won’t only keep you safe. They also know these cultures and regions on a local level. Expect stellar insider tips, authentic connections with the locals, and a deep understanding of the area’s risks and rewards? These experts will provide you with first-hand knowledge and experiences that not even the best guidebooks or web research could replicate.

Equal Skill Levels

Sure. Your brother-in-law’s a great guy, but his idea of a hike is walking the dog. You climb 14ers on your days off. Do you really want to be stuck with him while summiting Mt. Whitney? With group trips, everyone’s skills will be up to the predetermined standard. That means not wasting your dream trip waiting around for inexperienced travelers to catch up.

Total Convenience

Planning for a long, extreme trip is complicated. Let us worry about the logistics! Our guides and organizers devise masterfully planned complete itineraries from the moment you arrive until the second you leave. Stop worrying about transportation, food, lodging, routes, etc. and just focus on getting in shape for your big adventure—and then savoring the journey of a lifetime.

Ready for an advanced or extreme group trip? Group Bookd offers a plethora of incredible, breathtaking adventures that’ll let you conquer your travel dreams in ways never imagined. Discover all of our past and upcoming trips today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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